Electrode Oven


Welding Electrode Oven is designed for a result of electrode industrial applications, including reconditioning holding and baking. Electrode Ovens can be used for different purposes in batches or repeatedly with a production line and a variety of temperature ranges, sizes, and setups.

Therefore, the welding electrode oven contains a chimney device that drives air upward along the center support bar, together with the oven's rectangle shape and vented shelving, allows for exceptional heat flow patterns.

Some common types of electrode ovens include:
Baking Oven - Designed to remove moisture. Baking Oven will remove the hydrogen from the Flux or Electrode in order to minimize the possibility of flux/electrode cracking.

Holding Oven – Designed to cause a chemical reaction in a substance and maintain a specific temperature.

Portable Oven/ Quiver – Modified as an insulation container for preventing moisture absorption and unsatisfactory welds.


The oven comes with 2 different types of External Casing, which is Mild-steel and Stainless Steel. The table shows that the difference between mild-steel and stainless-steel:

Mild-Steel Electrode Oven

Stainless-Steel Electrode Oven

Internal-Fully stainless steel (Iron Free)

Fully stainless-steel body & compartment (Iron Free)

External-EG mild steel casing with Epoxy

Prevent rusty to enable long term used