Welding Rotator


Welding Rotator as known as turning roll /turning roller/roller bed is used to weld spheric and longitudinal seams of cylindrical objects. For example, barrels, pressure containers, boilers, etc. Welding rotators are similar to positioners, in that it’s a mechanical meant to rotate cylindrical vessels.  The welding rotator mainly consists of a base, driving rollers, idlers, electric cabinet, brackets, transmission device, and power-driven device.


High-quality solid PU ARA (Australia) rolls with very good load bronze bush capacity, heat, and wear resistance. The final drive gears are specially modified for turning rolls application, The worm wheels are designed to be reinforced against stresses by the addition of a center steel hub. All Bronze bush is of the heavy-duty type. 


Electronic control panel complete with an electrical remote control pendant for forward, reserve rotation and speed variation. Variable frequency drives Austweld Micno AC inverter control motors as prime movers. Our design and production can better meet the increasing demands of domestic and foreign pressure vessel manufacturers.